Transactional SMS


Two way authentication is possibly the most reliable security currently available on the market. It’s widely popular in the banking sector as well as for many applications and solutions. At telXira mobile we take security very seriously. If required we can conceal SMS content (obfuscate) from our servers to maintain complete integrity.

Track and Trace

Update your customers with the progress of a delivery using SMS. You can inform them when an order has been released, or delivered. Track your containers around the globe. Using GPS you can effectively send the container an SMS and ask it for its geo coordinates.

Booking and Appointments

Confirm bookings and send out reminders. If you have an existing booking system in place we can connect you via an API to our SMS platform and you can send out booking confirmations and reminders by SMS to your customers.

Alarm and Warning Systems

SMS can be sent for everything from Weather and storm warnings to cars informing their drivers when their oil needs to be changed. We can integrate to your software and systems to notify your customers for all scenarios imaginable.

M2M (Machine to machine)

Activate your Heating remotely while on the way home from work.

Start heating up your sauna while you’re still skiing down the mountain.

You can trigger a whole lot more with SMS. Tell us your ideas and we will design you a solution.   
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