Systems & APIs

How can our systems help you?

We have a choice of packages depending on your needs and requirements. Our SMS experts are happy to advise you on the appropriate packages and set up for you business needs.

Where to start? Do I need any special software?

There are essentially two ways of sending out messages, either using a Campaign Management Tool (CMT) or using an API connection, neither require any specialist software.

Campaign Management Tool (CMT)

Campaigns are used for a wide variety of Marketing Activities and can enhance significantly your communication with your customers. It can be used for everything from product promotions to customer surveys.

  • Messages can be personalised to include names or reference numbers
  • Within your database you can filter for a selected group of customers. You could send a campaign just to one postcode, or a specific age range for example.
  • You can define exactly when you would like to send the campaign. You could run it immediately, or you could schedule it for a future time or date.
  • To save yourself time, you can set up templates for campaigns you would like to frequently run, or you can select previously sent campaigns as a template for a new campaign.

Our Campaign Management Tool offers you complete flexibility in defining content and scheduling and its very simple to use.

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API Connection

An API is an interface allowing one piece of software to communicate with another and is required when you would like the distribution of SMS to be triggered by an event in your existing software.

  • Your Software can be connected via an API to our SMS gateway. When a specified event occurs the SMS would be sent out from our platform to your customer
  • This could be birthday greeting which you would like to send out based on the date of birth held in your database or an order confirmation could be sent to your client.

The possibilities with SMS and API connections are limitless. You could remind your customer to service their machine, to reorder supplies or to book an appointment.

API connections can be used for Verification, for Tracking or Tracing your orders or equipment, you can integrate to your Calendar to set up bookings or reminder, you can set up Alarm and warning systems or Machine interaction. Personalised Customer Communication of all varieties is possible.

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SMS Features

Whatever you’re looking for we have the feature for you:

Alpha Sender IDs

An Alpha Sender ID enables you to send out an SMS campaign from your Brand name, or from an easily recognizable word associated with your brand or company. (Certain countries require authorization of an alpha sender id to enable the SMS to terminate.)

Short Codes

Short codes are designed to be easier to read and remember than telephone numbers. Short codes are widely used for value-added services such as charity donations, mobile services, ordering ringtones, and television program voting. Messages sent to a short code can be billed at a higher rate than a standard SMS and may even subscribe a customer to a recurring monthly service.

Picture SMS

Send a landing page link to your customer to take them directly to a picture or website. 

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