Customer Engagement

Customer Communication

Would you like to engage your customers? Ask them questions, and improve the service you give to them? Using Two way SMS you can communicate effectively with your customer. SMS can be personalized to include your customers’ name or order number, but they can go one step further than that too. Messages can be triggered by your own software and linked to a specific event, so that your customer receives a unique message 100% relevant for them.

Customer Surveys

Feedback is crucial to your business. Whether its feedback from your customers or your employees, top performing businesses are continually striving to improve their products and services. SMS is a very effective tool to conduct surveys. SMS can be scheduled to arrive at exactly the right point when the customer has just ‘experienced’ the service, whether it be a positive or negative experience they are far more likely to respond to an SMS survey than any other medium.

SMS Voting

Would you like to run a competition? SMS voting is an extremely popular way of gauging popularity or running large scale Radio or Television voting. It can also be used in a much smaller circle, for example within a local club or demographic group. Short codes can be provided (where available) to give your audience an easy to remember number to send the SMS to.

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