Why use SMS?

Love it or hate it there is a good chance your phone is close to you right now. Everyone is addicted to their phone. SMS marketing is one of the most efficient and effective tools available.

Real time offers can be made.
SMS is not dependent on platform availability or the customer being online.
95% of SMS are read within 3 minutes
– Significantly higher than Emails or other push mediums.
– The awareness of receipt of an SMS is much higher than applications.
– Anywhere where conversion ratio is a priority needs to be sent on SMS.
SMS is available on all devices, it’s not brand dependent.
SMS can be prioritized and scheduled so that it is read by the customer at exactly the most optimal time.

How can SMS add value to your business?

Transactional SMS

Why use telXira?

All SMS products offered under ONE roof.

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Creative company determined that customers could maximize their benefit from SMS.

Our success is your success. We will support you to make the most from your SMS campaigns or transactions.

Very High level of customer service.

Fully redundant and secure with very high availability.

Focus on what you do best and leave your SMS communication to us.

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